Below is a video of my version of  O Leaozhino (Little Lion), a Brazilian folk tune, played
at Unicoi State Park in Georgia at the NGFDA Fall Fest 2009.


Memphis Dulcimer Gathering & Folk Festival 2014, Second Baptist Church

2014 Instructors:  Thomasina Levy, Lee Cagle, Rick Thum, Mike Anderson, Jess Dickinson, Doug Felt, Agene Parsons, Kevan Barley, Special Guest Larkin Bryant

Memphis Dulcimer Gathering & Folk Festival 2013, Second Baptist Church

2013 Instructors:  Joe Collins, Lee Cagle, Rick Thum, Jess Dickinson, Ilace Mears, Guy & Sharrie George, Don Pedi, Doug Felt, Special Guest Larkin Bryant

Mid-day artists:  Doug Felt; Harry Johnson and family, bones/bodhran; Side Street Steppers; Jess Dickinson; Hilary Rose and Daniel Fleck, mandolin & old time; Mulberry Jam; Randall McKinnon;

Kevan Barley, guitar, banjo, autoharp

Mixed bag workshops:  Kevan Barley, guitar; Guy George, steel drum; Sharrie George, ukelele; Harry & Doug, bones & bodhran

Memphis Dulcimer Gathering & Folk Festival 2012, Second Baptist Church

2012 Instructors:  Guy and Sharrie George, Lee Cagle, Rick Thum, Ilace Mears, Agene Parsons, Bing Futch, Anne Lough, Ken Kolodner, Special Guest Larkin Bryant

Mid-day Artists: Bing Futch, Native American Flute; Doug Felt; Harry Johnson and family, bones/bodhran; David Gish, guitar; Jess Dickinson; Hilary Rose and Daniel Fleck, mandolin & old time; Mulberry Jam; Sidestreet Steppers

Vendors:  Dulcimer House (Dennis Moran); kasu designs (jewelry by Kathy Hellweg); Bob Magowan, Dulcimer Doctor; Doug & Lee Felt (Thistledew Acres); Papaw's Dulcimers (Bill Rich);

Jess Dickinson Dulcimers

Memphis Dulcimer Gathering & Folk Festival 2011, Second Baptist Church

2011 Instructors:  Molly McCormack, Lee Cagle, Lorinda Jones, Ilace Mears, Agene Parsons,  Rick Thum, Russell Cook, Betty Dawson, Special Guest Larkin Bryant

Mid-day artists:  Side Street Steppers; Chris Roof (djembe); Linda Arthur (Native American Flute); Harry & Russell Johnson; Dan Reese (bowed dulcimer); Mulberry Jam String Band; Kevan Barley; Johnathan Haynie (Chilean Folk/ classical guitar)

Mixed Bag workshops:  Kevan Barley (clawhammer banjo, shape note singing); Agene Parsons (autoharp); Tom Garret (mandolin); Dan Reese (bowed dulcimer)

Vendors:  Dulcimer House (Dennis Moran); kasu designs (Kathy Hellweg jewelry); Gary & Toni Sager; Bob Magowan, dulcimer doctor

Memphis Dulcimer Gathering & Folk Festival 2010, Second Baptist Church

2010 Instructors:  Janita Baker, Lee Cagle, Joe Collins, Rick Thum, Larry Conger, Betty Dawson, Dan Landrum, Don Pedi, Special Guest Larkin Bryant

Bob Hastings was one of the strongest supporters of the festival.  He attended the 2009 Gathering with his wife Judy and his daughter Laney and died four days later of heart failure.  He is sorely missed in the music community.  The 2010 Gathering was dedicated to Bob's memory and we celebrated his life with a silent candle-light opening of the concert.

MDG&FF Finale Concert 2010


Memphis Dulcimer Gathering & Folk Festival 2009, Second Baptist Church

Quiet Blessing at the opening of the Saturday night concert, 9/26/09


I am the deep pools in the moonlight;
Golden sunbeams by day;
I am shelter from the storm;
I am stars and planets cousing through endless skies;
I am the colors of the rainbow;
I am soulmate, love, parent, child,
The wind that blows,
Green hills and trees,
Golden sand and desert.
Hear me in the song of the bird,
In the whisper footfall of the hare.
I am every heartbeat,
The cry of the babe,
And the sigh of the old womans as she
     bids a final goodnight.
Angels embrace me.
Without me the world is silent and cold;
The wolf in the night and the owl
     on the wing call for me;
The ringing bell and the organ pipe,
Strings, keys, reeds horns;
Pipe and drum;
Thunder and rain;
Summer breeze;
Raging storm.

As winter snow melts into spring blossom;
As pastel flowers turn to summer warmth;
As balmy days drift to crisp golden orange red autumn;
I am on the dark road to the horizon
Of the going out to journey;
In flowing waters from mouth to sea;
In returning to the welcome warmth of home's hearth.
I swell in ancient days before the knowing of man,
Before time began,
After time ceases to be;
The beat of the drum,
The beat of your heart.
I am in the deepest joy,
And I hold you in sorrow;
From secret place to mountain top,
May you find me when you seek me,
May you feel me with you even when
     you do not look for me.
I am the voice within your heart.
I am singer.
I am song.
I am music.
               -- copyright 2009 Lee Cagle

2009 Instructors:  Bob Bence, Lee Cagle, Betty Dawson, Jeff Hames, Steve Seifert, Rick Thum, Kendra Ward, Special Guest Larkin Bryant

2009 Sponsors:  Wayne Randolph and Second Baptist Church, Tom Wilson and The Art Center, Betty Dawson

Volunteer Artists:  Hilary Scheel and Daniel Fleck; Donna Gray and Lea VanMerkestyn; Cement Pond Sacred Harp singers; Kevan Barley; Harry Johnson; Doug Felt

Videos 2009:  Cement Pond Sacred Harp Singers, Harry Johnson and Steve Seifert, Harry Johnson and Doug Felt

Concert opening act by Adam, Danny Autry and Betty Dawson tripping the light.


Memphis Dulcimer Gathering & Folk Festival 2008, Lindenwood Christian Church

September 26 & 27, 2008 was the FOURTH year for the Memphis Dulcimer Gathering & Folk Festival!  The weekend included two days of workshops, jam session, demonstrations, vendors and a concert.
Featured artists were Aubrey Atwater (various), Lee Cagle (mountain dulcimer), Betty Dawson (hammered dulcimer), Steve Eulberg (mountain and hammered dulcimer, guitar), Jim Miller (mandolin, banjo, guitar, mountain and hammered dulcimer), Agene Parsons (autoharp), Rick Thum (hammered dulcimer), and Special Guest: Larkin Kelley Bryant.
We had a great venue at Lindenwood Christian Church, 2400 Union Avenue.  Free demonstrations were held during the day by:    Amy Vails, harpist;  Harry Johnson, bones and bohdran; Doug Felt, penny whistle/pizza box bohdran; Nancy Chase, bagpipes; Aubrey Atwater, clogging; Jim Miller, bowed dulcimer; old time music from Hilary Scheel and Daniel Fleck; djembe by Gary Gaia from Memphis Drum Shop.