Lee Cagle has been a versatile performer and teacher at local and regional events throughout the

Southeast since 1988.  A multi-instrumentalist, singer and storyteller, Lee presents a variety of

music, from folk to meditative, from Celtic to American traditional, using mountain dulcimer,

autoharp, bowed psaltery, and ukelele.  Programs available include introductory lessons on

mountain dulcimer for groups of up to nine.  In addition, Lee is a recording artist, the author of

several books and instructional materials on playing traditional music, particularly on the mountain

dulcimer, and is the president of The Memphis Dulcimer Gathering, Inc.  She is available for  festivals, private parties, public events, school programs and church services.  Call 901-877-7763

or send an email to Lee at LeeCagleDulcimers.com to schedule a performance or lessons.