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Friday Night Jam List

This is just a list of possiblilites for the festival's Friday night jam session.  Do not feel bound to follow the list; we just thought some of you might want to run through the tunes ahead of time or have an idea of a song you would like to call that you think most people will be familiar with.
Amazing Grace - D or G
Angelina Baker - D
Bile dem Cabbage Down, of course, in D, of course
Black Mountaind Rag - D
Cindy - D
Forked Deer - D
Golden Slippers - D
Liberty - D
Lil Liza jane - D
Mississippi Sawyer - D
Old Joe Clark - D
Over the Waterfall - D
Red River Valley - D
Rosin the Beau - D
Sandy Boys - D
Shady Grove - Dm (DAC)
Soldier's Joy - D
Southwind - D
Spotted Pony - D
St. Anne's Reel - D
Whiskey 'fore Breakfast - D
Wildwood Flower - D

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