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Music Camp 2009 Video and Photos

The 2009 Music Camp was trememdous fun.  We had 11 students from 2nd grade to 7th grade, and from many diverse backgrounds.  The children worked together amazingly well and came together for a terrific recital performance together on the last day of camp.
Below are two videos from the concert, as well as photos from the week of camp.  Other videos can be linked on youtube. 

Solo composition by K.R.

Solo composition by T.K.

2009 Camp students with their instruments.

2009 Cedar Glade Scholarship winner

Bob Magowan explains how to build a dulcimer.

And even more decorating . . .

Music Camp Kazoo Band

Solo composition by M.W.

Decorating the dulcimers

More decorating . . .

Beauty and Talent!

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