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Workshop Titles and Descriptions

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While many of the workshops listed are designed for D-A-D tuning, most of the workshops can be taught for D-A-A upon request.

Mountain Dulcimer

New Players – This class is for players who have no or very little experience with the mountain dulcimer. The focus is on fretboard basics, tuning, introductory strumming techniques, and reading tablature. I have loaner instruments that are available for those who would like to try without investing in an instrument. The workshop can be presented as a one-day class or spread over multiple days.

Introduction to Fingerpicking – Advanced Novice to Intermediate -- This class introduces players with some experience to the beautiful sounds of fingerpicking. Players are introduced to a variety of fingerpicking techniques including a basic roll, hammer-ons, pull-offs, brushes and slides.

Hymns for Mountain Dulcimer – This class can be designed as needed for beginner into upper intermediate. It is a song-based workshop, the number of songs presented depending on the length of the workshop needed.

Celtic Tunes for Mountain Dulcimer – This class presents approximately four (depending on the length of the class) Irish/Scottish tunes arranged for mountain dulcimer and includes the use of drones to provide a "bagpipe" effect, as well as some picking techniques. The songs are arranged for the intermediate level player.

I'm in the Mode for Dulcimer! – Intermediate to Advanced -- Students will explore the mountain dulcimer fretboard with emphasis on getting the most from their instrument. Topics to be covered include: What is a mode? What key am I in? How do I play a scale on my dulcimer? Why are there wide and thin spaces between the frets? How do I play a chord? Bring your own questions with you! This class can be valuable for all levels of players, but some experience with the instrument is helpful toward understanding the concepts presented.

Songs in the Key of G – Intermediate -- The ability to play in a variety of keys is important when playing with other musicians. This class will explore the use of chords, a capo, and re-tuning to change keys. Novice to intermediate level players.

Jam Time Favorites / How to Jam – This class is for novice to intermediate players and presents songs that are favorites during jam sessions. This class can be presented as a repertoire-building class or it can be used as instruction for how to survive during a jam session.

Old Time Music – Novice to Intermediate -- Songs included in this workshop are Soldier's Joy, Rosin the Beau, Mississippi Sawyer, and Angelina Baker. These tunes are very popular at dulcimer jam sessions and provide the player with more experience in playing while also learning new tunes.  All tunes are in the D-A-D tuning.

Using Chords on the Mountain Dulcimer – This class is for novice to intermediate players who want to add more depth to their playing through the use of chords.

Using a Capo in DAD Tuning -- Novice to Intermediate -- Students explore using a capo to change keys on the dulcimer. It is an easy way to be versatile during a jam session or when playing with a group. Some capos will be available to use in class.

Christmas Tunes – This class can be structured to meet the needs of beginner through intermediate players as needed. Depending on the length of the workshop and the level of players, approximately four songs can be presented.

Moving Beyond the Bum-Ditty – Advanced Novice to Intermediate -- This class is for players who know how to play but who are struggling with adding some personality to their playing through a more effective use of strumming. Using familiar tunes, we will look at techniques to help the student understand the use of strumming and how to advance their strumming to make their playing more exciting and enjoyable.

Fiddle Tunes – Intermediate -- This workshop re-enforces strumming and rhythm techniques while increasing your repertoire. All arrangements are for the tuning DGD to provide the player with a selection of songs in the key of G. The tunes selected are commonly played by fiddlers in the key of G. Tunes include: Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss, Barlow Knife, The Girl I Left Behind Me, Dandy Lusk.

Mountain Dulcimer: CSI -- Songs of Crime and Passion – Novice to Intermediate -- Crime songs have been popular since history began. These old-time songs from the early days of the United States, and carried over from Europe include: Tom Dooley, Banks of the Ohio, Knoxville Girl, Willie Moore, and Pretty Polly

Minor Songs – Intermediate -- Many people love the haunting sound of songs played in minor keys. These traditionally minor tuning songs include: Shady Grove, Nonesuch, Tumbalalika, and Star of the County Down.

Tips for Playing by Ear – Novice to Intermediate -- Tablature can be a wonderful teacher and guideline, but just how many books can we carry around with us? This class will help students begin to break away from dependency on tab.

Bowed Psaltery

This class is designed to introduce the bowed psaltery to beginning players. The basics of noting and bowing, as well as some song presentation are included.

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